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Flight/Truck Trips Creation

Flight creation

To start creation of flight use New Flight Wizard from main page, Section Flights

Interface of Flight Wizard will be opened

Start to fill in the information

   1.  General flight information

NB Due to high level of system customization, some of described functions may work differently. If any of options below are not available under your user or work not the way it is described, please kindly contact your company manager or

Main information.

Fields location, setup and obligatory fields depend on client’s customization. Read more.

Select flight category. Are set up in Pick list setup.

Might be obligatory

Select flight purpose.Are set up in Pick list setup.

Select flight status. Are set up in Pick list setup.

  • Query/Request - not confirmed flight, just a request from Customer

  • Estimate/Planned - all agreed, contract not signed

  • Confirmed - contract for flight is signed

If flight should be followed by flight ops, tick No follow, the flight will be marked in violet in list.

Select the payload units for this flight.

MTOW is taken from aircraft type selected for this flight.

Select customer

According to settings in system, you can select from Reg no list and AC type will be picked up automatically or vice versa.

Select registration number

And/or AC type. Is obligatory.

In case you want to mention additional registration numbers or ac types to be used for this flight, insert them manually or select from list

Select office. Will limit also the access to this flight for users without this office access.

Select team. Will limit also the access to this flight for users without this team access.

Select operator for the flight.

  • Operator will be automatically picked-up from Reg.No

  • Can be chosen manually if no Reg.No is chosen

Operator code will be picked up for call sign.

Might be mandatory.

Insert client reference

Insert request date and time.

Speed is taken from AC type.

Routing information


For Origin/Destination start typing either/or:
-        ICAO code
-        IATA code
-        City name
-        Country name

The flight with no routing will not be created

Alerts or A button will show the pop-up with Airport/Country alerts, Notams and Weather update. You can also open airport from here.


Dates can be chosen on calendar on manually inserted by putting cursor into the cell and typing.

Time should be inserted manually
-        In Black is UTC time
-         In Blue is Local time

NB: Information button will open a table with selected airports information with route on-map presentation.

Flight time will be calculated automatically based on distance between airports and speed.

In green the manual flight time is. Insert and press

to apply.


If in your system setup Distances option is used, you will be able to select from list of distances, do flight and ground time will be applied automatically.

Insert callsign/flight no. Will be taken from Operator code in case is inserted or manual adding. Might be mandatory.

If there is more than one sector in flight - press Add sector.

Insert additional information on flight

and press create flight

. After you can open the flight or continue working with other items in system

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