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Flight Services/Revenue/Expenses Types

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These settings are used for creating and managing expenses types for creating services/revenues/expenses. Also, effects on displaying data in reports 

List Description:

1.“Search” allows filtering data by type, revision time, and reminder time 

2.The table data contains the following columns:

  • Type - flight services/revenue/expenses type
  • Revision time (h)
  • Reminder time (h)

3.The Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you add, edit and delete items


  • To add a new entry, click the New button in the editor and complete the required data. Mandatory fields are marked by red asterisks.

“Name” - service/revenue/expense type name

“Local name”- service/revenue/expense local name

“Code” - abbreviation

“Description” - a name which will be displayed in selectors

“Brief prior” - the order of displaying in the flight brief

“Brief template”- specify a brief template, where the item will be displayed

“Item number” - item number

“Supplier Type”- specify the supplier type in the drop-down

“Parent” - parent service type

“Slot type” -  slot type where each service will be provided

“Arrival” - select one of three options Arrival, Departure, Arrival/Departure

“Revision time” -  affects services, when the planned departure and planned arrival changes

“Reminder time”- how many hours before the service to send a reminder

“Prior”- priority of the type

“Revenue kind”- kinds of transactions for revenue

“Expense kind”- kinds of transactions for the expense

“Revision type”- select the required service in the drop-down

“Tax” - tax for a certain service type 

“Unit”- choose an appropriate option in the drop-down

Check-boxes section:

  • Whole flight/sector - do not show rates for the selected type
  • No disbursement - the tax will not be calculated for this service
  • Same number for the whole flight - all services are created with the same numbers when creating a service on a flight
  • Permit - this parameter is used for the reports and affects services when the planned departure and planned arrival changes
  • Revision available - used with permission revisionForPermitsOnly when checking for the possibility of creating a revision for a service
  • Handling group - by permission showHandlingServices services are grouped for each waypoint and displayed in the Handling Brief
  • Archived - child options will not be able on Details call-out in flight
  • Create service - when creating an enquiry for the flight, service will be created based on this parameter
  • No sub - service will be created without sub-service
  • Brief exclude - do not include the service to the brief
  • Ignore in upcoming reminder - such service will not include in reminder upcoming_flights_services_reminder.php 
  • Show on site to flight expenses - using on Cargo Booking website

  • To confirm creation, please press the Save button
  • In case you need to make some changes, please select an item on the list, edit and click Save
  • If you need to delete, select an entry on the list, and the Delete button will appear. 
  • Confirm the action in the dialog box

Clone option 

AWERY system allows quick creation of flight services/revenue/expenses types

  • Select an appropriate item on the list and press the CLONE button
  • You will see an already completed form without Name
  • Enter a name, change other parameters (if it is necessary) and click Save


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