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Flight Quotation

  - Customer’s logo from Customer’s information page

Customer’s info page 
  - Logo uploader

- Customer you are making enquiry for, is chosen on enquiry page


  Itinerary options from Enquiry 



  Departure and arrival time. LT – local time. N.D – arrival next day 

  Approximate flight time calculated based on speed inserted in enquiry  
  and distance between the  airports


  Quantity of passengers on the routes to be taken from 


  Origins – Destination Airports’ information to be taken from Airport’s information page 

Airport data page 


Aircraft information.

Information for eAircrafth Aircraft option offered. Is taken from Aircraft Type or Aircraft Registration number if chosen. 

Aircraft Type info page


Aircraft info page


Printing options might be adjusted on enquiry edition page

Aircraft photos and floor-plan.

 Is taken from AIRCRAFT Type/ Aircraft  information page (if chosen) , Gallery tab.


Operator’s price offers for routes

  - Notes and remarks written on enquiry editing page


- Broker contact information

Is taken from Employee’s page 

The first 3 contAircraftt item Aircraftcording to the internal priority will be shown 

- Quotation’s page number, Quotation number, Quotation Creation date and time

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