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Flash to HTML5 (Angular) migration timeline

As Adobe is discontinuing the Flash Player support by end of 2020:

We are committed to migrate for non-flash based technology in specified timelines. Below is the master action plan for the transition and current status.

ModuleCurrent technologyEstimated releaseStatusComments
System LoginHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Main MenuHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Top MenuHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Desktop Applications WIN/MACHTMLReleasedNon-flash
User SettingsHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Internal ChatHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Global SettingsHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Mailing Templates Editor ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Import Flights ScheduleHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Import AWBHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Import Fuel RatesHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Submit support request/Bug ReportHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Mailing TemplatesFLASH/HTMLPartlyWork in progressNeed to transcode all templates to a new language

Airport ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Countries ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Entry PointsHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Mailing Templates Editor ListHTML
Aircraft Types ListHTML

Currencies ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Customers ListHTMLReleased
Suppliers/Vendors ListHTMLReleased
Vendors Capabilities/Priorities ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash

Customer Preferences ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Aircraft listHTMLReleased

Operators ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash

Pilots ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Pilots Treinings ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Pilots Documents ListHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Employees ListHTMLJan 2019Work in progress

Empty Legs ListHTMLReleased
Close Accounting Periods PageHTMLReleased
Accounting Entries List
Apr 2020Flash
Bank/Cash Vouchers List
Apr 2020Flash
Charter Enquiries List
Apr 2020Flash
Cheques ListHTMLReleased

AWB List

Mar 2020Flash

Flights List

Mar 2020Flash
Waypoint Services List
Feb 2020Flash
Waypoint Services List Accounts
Feb 2020Flash
Reports view:

Accounting Reports
Mar 2020Work in progress
Customers/Suppliers Outstanding ReportHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Accounting Partner Statements
Mar 2020Work in progress
Expenses Flights
Mar 2020Work in progress
Expenses Cargo
Mar 2020Work in progress
Expenses Services
Mar 2020Work in progress

Flight Timeline viewHTMLReleasedNon-flash
Crew Timeline viewHTMLApr 2020Work in progress
Flight Expenses Report
Mar 2020Work in progress
Accounts BudgetingHTMLReleasedNon-flash
User ManagementFLASH/HTMLMar 2020Work in progress
Charter Enquiry
Jun 2020Flash
Flights Map
Mar 2020Flash
Enquiries Map
Mar 2020Flash

A detailed list of Modules and current status:

Awery Flex Modules List

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