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FDTL Groups/Rules

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The interface allows you to create groups for all aviation staff.

All members of these groups have the same rules and limits for tracking of duty time

Rules and Groups settings are used for the FDTL (Flight Duty Time Limits)  module


First of all, look through the process of adding, editing, and deleting a group

  • To add a new group, please click the +New button. Fill the group name and click the Save button
    A new group will appear in the list

  • To edit a group, please select in on the list, make changes and click Save
  • In case one of the groups is out of date, select it on the list, and the Delete button will appear in the editor, click it

After the group is created, you can start adding rules for it

  • Select the previously added group on the list. The data will appear in the editor. And you will see additional fields below the group title, where you can describe conditions and rules

  • To add a rule, please click +NEW and fill in the information below:

Name - Name of the rule. The field is mandatory

Type - select from the dropdown an appropriate value. For example duty-time (default), flyg_time, acclimatization, etc

Condition - select from the dropdown one of the available options: less or more. Working hours should not be mere or less than the limit

Prior (int) - order of displaying rules in the list

Period Type - select the period type. Available options are Days, Hours, 24H, Calendar

NB: Depending on the selected period type, new fields appear

Period - available options depending on Period Type

Period Type=Days→ Period (int)

Period Type=Hours→ Limit (hours)

Period Type=24H→ Limit (hours)

Period Type=Calendar→ Period Calendar ( Month/Quater/Year)

Limit (Hours) - limit in hours for a certain period  (hhhh:mm)

Extension - how many times during the period the limit can be increased

Tolerance - permissible deviation from the limit

  • After filling in the required information, please click the Save button, and then you will see the already created rule in the list below

To add the next rule just click the +New button

You can create the required number of rules for a specific group

  • In case you need to change some rule information do the following:
    1. First of all, you have to choose the group on the list - the data will appear in the Editor
    2. Then you will have an opportunity to view the list of existing rules
    3. To edit, please select the required rule on the list, make changes, and click Save. The rule will be updated
  • To delete the outdate rule, please do the same steps as for editing
  • After selecting the rule, the Delete button will be available


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