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FDP Time Limits

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AWERY system allows you to fill the time limits for a particular group.

These settings are used for the operation of the FDTL(Flight Duty Time Limits) Module. And helps to take into account the duty time and rest of the crew

You have an opportunity to view the list of existing items and edit or delete the data

Main functionality on the page:

1.Filters and Sorting:

  • Type - there are two available options to filter entries, Flight is selected by default or you can choose Duty type
  • Number of counts - enter the number manually
  • Acclimatization - selector of Acclimatization type (depending on timezone quantity)
  • Group - select in the drop-down list
  • Tick required check-box(es) - please, see Check-boxes section

After filling the necessary parameters, please click the Search/Refresh button

2. The data table  contains the next columns:

  • Type
  • Departure time
  • Time limit
  • Acclimatization
  • No. of landings
  • Augmented
  • Double

3.Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries


  • To create a new time limit, please click the New button, and fill in the data

Please note: All fields are required and marked by red asterisks

Type - you have two available options, select an appropriate on the dropdown:

  • Duty -  working period on the ground between flight shifts and time of travel as a passenger on the instructions (order) of the employer 
  • Flight - flight duty period

Group - select one of the groups which were previously created 

Departure time - for example, late departure (night flights) should be limited for each crew. And after them, a certain rest period is provided. You can use a time picker or input data manually. Min value 00:00, max value 23:59 

Time Limit - how many flight hours are provided. Please add data manually or use the time picker. Min value 00:00, max value 23:59 

Acclimatization -  select an appropriate option on the drop-down list.

Number of landings - enter the required value manually or use count

Check-boxes section:

By tick check-boxes, you can strengthen the crew depending on the flight duration, the number of landings, the type of flight, the aircraft type, the flight purpose (in case of dangerous cargo, long-distance, etc.)

  • After filling in the data, please click the Save button
  • In case you need to change some data, please select the necessary item from the list. You will see the information in the editor. After editing click Save 
  • To delete an outdated entry, select it from the list, and the Delete button will appear in the editor, click it

Clone option

The clone option is available for previously created entries

  • Please, select the required FDP limit on the list. The data will be displayed in the editor and the Clone button will appear, click it

You have an opportunity to edit an entry or clone it with the same parameters

  • Confirm cloning by clicking the Save button


  • There are no permissions on the page

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