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Entry Points

Info & Rates→ Info→ Entry Points


The current page displays the list of points that create airways for landing planes

List description:

ICAO - airport code

Country1 - landing entry point 1

Country2 - landing entry point 2

Note - comments and details


  • To add a new Entry point, click the +New button and fill in the data in the sidebar

ICAO code - mandatory field, icao code of an entry point 

Latitude/Longitude - geographic coordinates of an entry point

Country1/Country2 - entry point countries

Notes - comments and details of an entry point

  • Click Create button
  • To delete an out of date entry, select a required and click Delete


Specify By Country or  By ICAO parameter in the dropdown

Depending on your selection input country or icao code

Also, in the Filter bar you can sort items alphabetically

To reset selected filters use the Clear Filters buttons

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