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Employees base. New employee.

Employees base - main page in human resources management. 

Contain employee's personal information, salaries, statements, documents, vacations and other controlling tools

Control panel allows to filter and search employees by department, company/brunch, working type (working, vacation, retired, etc.)

Or select period of dates of joining, resignation or birthdays 


After selection of needed filters press 

 to apply selected 

You can print selected base by using printing button

The list of particular employee documents with validity dates could be printed directly from the employees list. Just click once on an employee and press printing button named "Documents".

Employees base allows you to see the document that are going to be expired soon with the days left before the expiry colored accordingly.

Place the cursor to field to see the name of the document


Create employee


 and new employee tab will be opened.

Put the personal information.

Put a number of vacation days (paid leave) according to your company policy "first year vac" and "next year vac" - this input will affect the leave days calculation and salaries calculation

DTR id: employee ID for DTR/finder machine

"Type" - select type if the position of the employee requires extended function in the system (Ex: driver - to assign on the order, broker - to assign on the enquiry)

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