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Employee statements

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This interface helps you to look through the information about jobs for each employee. So select the necessary employee in the Contractor field to see the entries. You can select the usual view of the interface or display it according to their transactions. You have an opportunity to edit accounts and to create a new job with the same data from the interface. The reports help to export the information in a more convenient view to conduct the necessary analysis.

List description:

  • Job No. – the unique number of a job
  • Type – the job type code
  • Subtype – the code of the job subtype
  • Date – the job created date
  • Descr – the space for additional information
  • Doc. No – the document number of a job
  • Ref. – the space for additional information in the Reference field 
  • Dr acc no – the number of debit account
  • Dr acc – the name of debit account
  • Dr amount – the debit amount of a transaction or the sum of all debit transactions of the job
  • Cr acc no – the number of credit account
  • Cr acc – the name of credit account
  • Cr amount – the credit amount of a transaction or the sum of all credit transactions of the job
  • Balance – the total of all components of account
  • Allocated – the sum of allocated amount
  • Alloc. Diff – the difference between Balance and Allocated sum


How to display the entries in the interface
  • Select the Office and Contractor fields as these fields are required
  • Select the period 

Sorting and filtering

  • The Quick Search is available by such columns: Job No, Type, Subtype, Descr, Doc. No, Ref., Dr acc no, Dr acc, Dr amount, Cr acc no, Cr acc, Cr amount, Balance, Allocated, Alloc Dif
  • You have an opportunity to make the filtration by:
    • Office, Contractor, Currency, Rate, Accounts Additional Account, Special Documents selectors. Pay attention that the Office and Contractor fields are required.
    • By Transactions and OAC checkboxes

  • Click the PAY button
    to open the form with creation of a new job. Pay attention that the Contractor, DR amount and CR amount will be the same as in the current job 
  • Click the Edit Accounts button
    to make some changes in job
    • Select the necessary category and the accounts with the help of a tick and click the Save button

  • Tick the OAC checkbox to show all jobs that are Outstanding as Customer

  • Tick the By Transactions checkbox to show the list of all transactions for each job

Pay attention that in case of the By Transaction tick, the additional selector Special Documents will be shown in the interface


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