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Decoration and Branding Settings

System Logo Requirements

TypeFormatSize normalSize Retina 2x
Main LogoSVG296x136296x136
Top LogoPNG148x68296x136
Login LogoPNG296x136592x272

<logoSvg text=""/>


<host name="acme.awery">
<logoSvg text="_img/acme.svg"/>
<logoSmall text="_img/5891b4fea7a2d85105546_logosmall.png"/>
<logo text="_img/5891b4fea7a2d85105546_logo.png"/>
<title text="A Company Making Everything - Awery ERP"/>
<weblink text="" url=""/>
<bottom text="A Company Making Everything |"/>
<trackinkSign text="ACompanyMakingEverything"/>
<roll_over_color text="0xff0000"/>
<selection_color text="0xff0000"/>


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