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Customer Activities

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Allows to see, filter and sort the list of customer activities.

List description

  • Customer name - name of customer
  • Customer company - company name of customer
  • Country - country name of customer
  • City - city name of customer
  • Status - condition of customer
  • Customer type - type name of customer
  • Compliance - compliance name of customer
  • Broker - broker name of customer
  • Industry - industry type of customer
  • Main Phone - main phone of customer
  • Main E-mail - main email of customer
  • Date - activity date
  • Days from last contact - last activity

Filtering and Sorting

To open the filter bar press on the Filters button

Then you can filter the list of customer activities by:

  • Main phone
  • Main email
  • City
  • Broker
  • Contractor type
  • Customer
  • Status

Also, you can sort the list of customer activities by:

  • From/To date
  • Office
  • Activity Type
  • Period of time

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