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Currency Rates

Currency Rates


Currency rates interface shows you a list of all currencies that are used to make payment transactions.


The list of currency consists of several sections:

Code is an alphabetic code of a currency;

ISO is a three-digit numeric code of a currency;

Name is a full name of a currency;

Date is a time of the latest update of currency rates;

Last rate is the last updated value of a currency rate;

Rel. To is a currency used to calculate values of other curencies;

Def  indicates a currency which is set as a default currency for all payment transactions.


Currency search


 To search for a currency in the drop-down menu select the option that you want, then in the Search field type in a key word and start searching.


Create a new currency

To create a new currency, on the Currencies page

New Currency interface will open:

Start to fill in the information in the following fields:

Code is an alphabetic code of a currency;

ISO code is a three-digit numeric code of a currency;

ISO name - is an alphabetic code of a currency according to the ISO standarts;

Prior is priority of a currency. This option determines under what number the currency will be displayed in the main list of currencies.

Do not update - select this option if you do not want a new currency rate to be automatically updated from Google or Yahoo within regular monthly/weekly update;

Name is a full name of a currency;

Refresh button allows you to refresh the New currency page.

Click the Add currency button to complete adding of a new currency. The Add currency button will stay disabled unless any of the fields is filled or a value is changed.

If you change values for an already existing currency click the Update currency button to save updated information.

Delete button allows you to delete a currency that you selected. In the Delete Confirmation window confirm or cancel deleting of a currency.

After deleting a currency the new Undelete button will show up – click this button to cancel deleting.

Edit Rate

Use the Edit rate interface to add rate values for a new currency or to change rate values for an already existing currency. The Edit rate interface will stay disabled unless a new currency is added or any currency from the main list of currencies is selected.

To add or edit rates type a rate value in the Rate field, in the Relative to drop-down menu select a currency that you want a new rate to be calculated in relation to, then in the Date field select a starting date of the new rate, and then click the Add rate button.

Click the Delete button if you want to delete a rate.

Click the New button to clear the fields in the Edit rate interface and create a new rate.

Use filters

You can search through all currency rates by using the Filter interface. 

In the Rate to currency, Date from and Date to fields fill in the information that you want to search for.

Click the Refresh button to refresh the list of search results.

Click the Apply Filter button to start searching.

Click the Update rates button to get the latest information about currency rates.


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