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Cron list


awb_booking_mailer.php — service cron task for creation and sending AWB booking notifications 

awb_tracking.php —  service cron task for creation of AWB Tracking message 

birthday.php -notification mail on employees' Birthdays

cake_booking_ready_sms.php — service cron task for creation and sending out of sms about readiness of Cake booking 

expire_aircraft_docs_email.php - notification mail  on expired aircraft documents

expire_crew_attendance_docs_email.php — notification mail  on expired attendants documents 

expire_crew_docs_email.php — notification mail  on expired all aviation staff documents 

expire_crew_engineer_docs_email.php — notification mail  on expired engineers' documents 

expire_crew_pilot_docs_email.php — notification mail  on expired pilots' documents 

expire_employees_docs_email.php — notification mail  on expired employees' documents 

expire_fas_docs_email.php — notification mail  on expired FAS documents 

flight_autotrack.php — service cron task for automatical update of flight status from FlightStats

get_google_currency_rates.php — service cron task for currency rate updates from Google 

get_notam.php —  service cron task for Notams updates 

get_weather.php —  service cron task for weather updates

get_yahoo_currency_rates.php — service cron task for currency rate updates from Yahoo

ip_security_check_ip.php — service cron task for checking of company's ip adress and restiction to enter system from othe ip adresses 

lucene_search_cache_commit.php — service cron task for System Super Search, adds new and updated items to the search (should be done every 10 mins as SSS doesn't work without it) 

racalc_next_year_vacations.php — service cron task for recalculation of vacations from join date till next year from today 

racalc_vacations.php — service cron task for recalculation of vacations from join date till today 

schedule_delivery.php — notification mail on flight schedule 

sita.php — service cron task for receiving of SITA messages 

uploads_aircraft_docs_email.php — notification mail  on new uploaded documents to aircrafts 

uploads_crew_docs_email.php — notification mail  on new uploaded documents to crew members

uploads_employees_docs_email.php — notification mail  on new uploaded documents to employees 

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