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Crew Users

Сrew Portal users don't have direct access to the system, but can interact with it through external tools of Crew Portal.

User management

Accessible from Main Menu → Settings → User Management → User Management

Selector "User Type:" should be in "external" position

Here you can:

  1. Check the list of existing users
  2. Create a new one
  3. Edit users
  4. Delete users
  5. Assign permission groups

To create a new crew user click + New User > Fill out the form
Remember to set Linked identity as "Crew" and select a necessary person connected to this user (a specific entity should be created before linking to external crew user).

After creating a user you should assign the necessary permissions to make him able to download the reports directly through Crew Portal or let him see a specific list of aircraft.

To proceed with that click on Groups label:

In the opened window choose group _external_users_reports

You can use also Copy Permissions button for quick user setup ( allows you to copy permissions from one user to another):

                                                     Assigning list of aircraft to crew user

Enter User Management module again> Click external> Select user> Click on his Groups> In the opened window find group external_crew and add that.

Then get back to the list of users, choose a person and click on the airplane sign:

Select and assign necessary aircraft registration numbers:

External crew user setup is done!

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