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Creating new Cash Voucher (old)

First option - open New Cash Receipt or New Cash Payment

Second option - open Cash Voucher directory from Main Page

Select either to create Cash Payment or Cash Receipt voucher.

See example below:

  1. Select Cash account in our case is CASH USD

  2. Insert Doc No/Reference if any (Doc No if not selected will be generated automatically after adding job)

  3. Select Station/Department (to create follow this steps - Departments and Positions)

  4. Select Customer or Supplier or Employee in our case its a Customer - Fly Dubai.

  5. Select Kind of transaction (Kinds of Transactions) or select Debit and Credit accounts

  6. Put amount

  7. Select DR and CR currency if same rate on both sides keep rate 1.00 if different select required currency rate ()

  8. Add description

  9. Click Add Job

  10. If all ok click on POST if need to create another one with same client or similar kind click on Clone

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