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Creating a New Credit Note

Creating a New Credit Note in Awery involves the following steps:

  1. Create a New Credit Note:

    • Navigate to the Accounts section and under Sales click the “New Credit Note” button to create a New Credit Note.


  1. Enter New Credit Note Details:

    • Fill in the necessary fields for the New Credit Note, including the Job subtype, Office, Company bank, Contractor type, Customer, Team, Status, Document number, reference, Tax, Station, Department, Payment type, Currency, Rate, Description, and any other required information.

  2. Add Details to Transactions:

    • To create the New Credit Note, add the account entries (transactions) for the credit note.

    • Enter the details for the account you want to create the credit note for:

      • DR/CR Account: Enter the account number for the account you want to create the opening balance for.

      • Enter the Price for the Transaction.

      • Provide a brief description of the entry (e.g., "Credit Note for Account XYZ").

  3. Add Additional New Credit Note Entry:

    • If needed, click the "+" button to add another row in the entries table and repeat the process used in step 3.

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  1. Save and Post the Credit Note:

    • Review the information for accuracy.

    • Click the "Save" button to save the Credit Note.

    • Click the "Post" button to finalize and record the Credit Note.

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Remember to review and verify the account entries before posting to ensure accurate financial reporting. If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to your system administrator or the Awery support team.

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