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Copy – Paste AWB Pieces from Excel

Awery has a feature to COPY – PASTE AWB Pieces details from Excel spreadsheets.

To do it you need to prepare the data as per attached below format and copy it to clipboard:

To paste data to the table from Excel spreadsheet:

  • Open AWB go to tab “Pieces Details” and switch from “Manually” tab to “Copy Paste”.
  • Click on any place of “Copy Paste” table and paste data - Control + V keyboard keystroke; 
  • Click on “Apply”

Please, do not forget to click on “Save” button, otherwise, all the copied AWB pieces will not be saved.

Copy-paste feature allows you to copy Quantity, Length, Width, Height, Piece Weight, CH Weight and easily paste it to AWB Pieces, to make it correctly please follow next requirements:

  • Color formatting, font and text size do not have any serious influence on copy-paste option.
  • Please be aware that it is not necessary to copy the headers of the columns. But make sure that all the data filled in the correct order.
  • It is possible to copy only first columns without CH Weight or Piece Weight and CH Weight. All missing data in those columns will be filled with 0 automatically.
  • Numbers should have been split only by dot, not by comma.
  • Qty cannot be 0, so the line with Qty = 0 will not be copied to the AWB Pieces.


QtyLengthWidthHeightPiece WeightCH WeightWeight unitDims unit


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