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Contractor Setup

Home Page→ System Settings→ Contractors/CRM→ Contractor Setup


Allows only to edit the Name, Disable, Group fields.

Allows do not display types of contractors in selector Type for filtering different lists using Disable check-box.

List description:

  • Type - type of contractor name 
  • Name - name of contractor
  • Group filter - this is a union of types into a multi-type
  • Disable - shows which contractor type selected as ‘Disable’ 


There is no opportunity to add new setups but it is possible to edit existing items

  • Select the entry from the list and make changes in the form.
  • Select Disable check-box
    , if you need to not display some contractor types in the Contractor Type selector in the Contractor Statements list (see section
    Where you can use it).
  • Press on the Save button to save your entry after editing the form

Where you can use it:

You can use Contractor type, when filtering lists by contractor, for example, Contractor Statements list


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