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Contractor Document Types

Home Page→ System Settings→ Contractors/CRM → Document Types


Allows to create and edit types of documents for filtering customers, suppliers and employees lists of documents.

List description:

  • Name - Name of the document
  • Contractor Types - name of the type of contractor
  • Order - prior
  • N. Days - Expiry Notifications Days


  • By default, the type ‘customer’ of Contractor Types will be selected in selector Doc. Type. You can leave it that way or add the types you need.

Completing the form to create a  Document Type, if you opened the list 'Document Types' for the first time.

Or press on the ‘+’ button, if you started switching between records. Then the form to create Document Type will be empty

  • Press on the Save button to save your entry after completing the form
  • To delete, select the entry on the list and click the Delete button

Where you can use it:

Document Types you can use for filtering:

  • Customers lists of documents
  • Suppliers lists of documents

Document Types you can use when creating or editing a document for:

  • Fuel Suppliers documents
  • CAA Authorities documents 


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