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Contractor Company Size

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Allows to create and edit the size of the companies for determining how big the client company is.

List description:

  • Size - name of company size
  • Descrp - value of size


  • Completing the Size and Description fields to create a Company Size, if you opened the list 'Contractor Company Size' on the first time.

Or press on the ‘+’ button, if you started switching between records. Then the form to create Company Size will be empty.

  • Press on the Save button to save your entry after completing the form
  • To delete, select the required item on the list and click the Delete button

Where you can use it:

Contractor Company Size you can use when creating or editing a new Customer, Office Customer on Summary tab in Company size selector

Also when editing Contacts, All Suppliers, Suppliers, Sister Companies, Shareholders, Fuel Suppliers, Hotels, Agents, CAA Authorities, All Operators, VIP Operators, Comm.J. Operators, Cargo operators on Procurement tab in Company size selector.


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