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Contactor statement/ Employee statement

You can send statement/outstanding statement of your contractors, customers, vendors, employees directly from the ERP system.

Open contractor page from Contractors module, or Employee from HR module and go to “Statements” tab


Generate customer or contractor statement from “Accounting reports” - open “Contr. Statement”

Generate employee statement -  open “employee statement”

Select the company/brunch, type of contractor (customer,vendor,etc.) to find it faster and the name of contractor.

Choose the needed period and press “search” to update

You will see all transactions for this customer, amounts, with related information (linked bookings and other documents.

Press “reports” and choose the option statement/outstanding statement and generate the report in needed format.

Mark “Zero opening” if you want to see statements with zero opening amount in your report

Or choose “send” to create an email from the system

Optional filter - Choose account on which you need to see the statement.

NOTE: If receipt or payment is not allocated on invoice it will not reflect the outstanding balance in “customer statement” and show the difference in “Customer statement” and “Outstanding customer statement”

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