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Close Flight Checklist Questions

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Close Flight Checklist  Questions allow users to mark what were the issues during the flight. For example, changes in the schedule, some services, and payment issues, problems with documents, etc.

Main functionality on the page

  1. Search - you can scroll through the list to find an entry or use Quick Search. Just start typing the query and the System will show you matching results
  2. The list of existing entries.
  3. Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries


  • To add a new close flight question, please press the +NEW button and fill the obligatory  text area “Question”

  • After filling in the data, please click the Save button. The page will be updated automatically, and the new close flight question will appear in the list

  • To edit the close flight question, please select any from the list. The item will appear in the editor, make changes, and click the Save button
  • To delete the close flight question, please, select any from the list. The Delete button will appear in the editor, click it.

Close Flight Checklist Questions are displayed after clicking Close trip button on the General tab of the flight.


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