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Clients Management

Adding a Сustomer / Supplier

First choose the tab You need

Then the list of existing Customers/Suppliers will be shown

To Add new Customer/Supplier press

And the interface for adding information will be available


Insert the necessary information    

Choose the type of entry you are creating

Option to upload the logo

- Company name used for internal purposes

Official Customer’s/Supplier’s name to be used for documentation

Insert Main Customer’s/Supplier’s contact details

Choose the internal statuses of Customer/Supplier to be as  additional information for users

Team and person working with this Customer/Supplier (if necessary)

Office who is working with this Customer/Supplier

Choose the default currency

Tick if this Customer/Supplier is a prospect only.

After main information is filled in, press

to proceed with additional information and contacts adding.

To add Customer’s/Supplier’s full contacts, please kindly follow the instructions below  


Tab Operational info

On this tab you can insert/find information for ops department such as

  • Ops notes

  • Ops contacts

  • List of aircrafts assigned (optional)

  • List of passengers (optional)

  • List of crew members assigned (optional)

  • Flight categories (for customers, optional)


Accounting tab is dedicated for internal accounting information (optional)

Sales and marketing tab is dedicated for social networks contacts and marketing information (optional)

Tab Additional



Customer’s short internal code to be used f.ex. in automatic flight No generation  etc

Agreement number to be used for automatic agreements generation

Agreement number to be used for automatic charter agreements generation

Customer’s cargo code to be used for AWB management

- tick if this is an Intercompany

Period of Customers credit line

Sum of credit line in default currency

Customer’s bank guarantee sum

Bank guarantee is valid until

- IATA code of Supplier

- IATA code for CASS export/import

Documents tab

To add documents, please follow the instruction.

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