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Charter Briefs (Client/ Operator) Creation and Emailing

Home→ Flights→ Enquiry→ Office Enquiries→ Open a required Enquiry→ Brief 

  1. Enter Notes if you require any to be indicated on the Brief 
  2. Enter Catering details and requirements 
  3. Select Departure / Arrival terminals ( see how to add Terminal to the Airport)
  4. Enter Departure/ Arrival Procedures
  5. Add Pilot and Co-Pilot, contacts 
  6. Add Crew information
  7. Add Passengers' details
  8. Click to move between legs 
  9. Click "Copy from" to copy all details for Charter Brief from another leg
  10. Click "Copy Pax from" to copy only PAX from other legs
  11. Click "Generate Charter Brief" to create Brief in PDF, Word or send it to the Client or Operator:

    Before sending check if all fields that you require to be indicated on the Brief are ticked.


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