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Chart of Accounts


Set of tools that should be organized according to the company’s policy to customize the module for your business needs. It requires certain information based on which accounting and financial system processing and generating reports.


- is tool to organise listing of the names of the accounts that a company owns (has identified and made available for recording transactions in its general ledger).

To set up the Chart of accounts or manage/add Companies in your accounting system go to “Settings” in main menu, then  “Accounting Settings” and open “Chart of Accounts”

Base contain name/number of the account, name/number of the parent account, types, ets.

In this interface you can filter accounts by type or search by name, number, parrent.

To edit an account press on a pen next to it

To add new account press

New window will be open

Input the data. Account number for all accounts, select parent account for sub-account. Closing account.

Nature of account for Balance sheet:

Select an expense to be picked in transactions for this account

Select account type to be linked by default to Trial Balance/General Ledger

Mark the Control account, it can not be selected for settlements

Choose the configuration of obligatory fields to be requested for this account is in a job

Save/update account. You can also copy account pressing “Clone”.


Double click on account to see the transactions with it. Use filters and search fields to sort the data: select needed period/date, select customer/vendor, company, asset, ets.

Generate reports applying relevant filters

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