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Cargo Surcharges

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This interface helps you to see the full list of the surcharges and their relation to the types.

Also, you can find the valid entries and those which expired.

In the interior interface you have an opportunity to fill in the necessary fields according to your needs or enter data like in the AWB and as the result, you will find this surcharge on the AWBs Revenue and Expenses tab. 

List description

  • Name – the name of surcharge
  • From date – the valid from date
  • To date – the valid to date
  • Charge – the fee amount
  • Min weight – the minimum weight of the load
  • Min charge – the minimum fee amount = weight * charge
  • Max charge – the maximum fee amount
  • Currency – the surcharge’s currency 
  • Charge type – the kind of the charge
  • Type – the transportation unit type
  • Supplier – the name of the contractor


How to create/edit surcharges

  • You can select any Surcharge type from the list on the left side and open any template or create a new one for the type chosen

  • To open the certain template, select it from the Surcharge type list and double click it.

Sorting and filtering

  • You have an opportunity to make the filtration by:
    • Office, Stock Company, Supplier selectors
    • From date, To date input fields
    • Buy / Sell / Both and Validity only/Expired radio buttons 

  • To make filtration by the Charge Type, select the necessary variant
    • Buy is used for Expenses tab in AWB
    • Sell is used for Revenue tab in AWB
    • Both are used for Revenue tab and Expenses tab in AWB
  • You have an opportunity to sort all entries according to their validity
    • Select the Valid variant to see only active surcharges
    • Select the Expired variant to see the surcharges which are already inactive

The interior interface

Select any surcharge using the double click

The elements of the interior interface:

  • Main information block:

  • Charge type, Type, Customer, Supplier, Office, Currency, Rate, Type, Stock Company, Weight Type selectors
  • Name, Valid from, Valid to, Min weight, Charge, Max charge, Notes input fields
  • Buy, Sell, Both radio buttons
    • Buy is used for Expenses tab in AWB
    • Sell is used for Revenue tab in AWB
    • Both are used for Revenue tab and Expenses tab in AWB

  • Weight types:

    • Ch Weight or 
    • Gross Weight 

The types determine from which field in the AWB, the weight will be used.

  • Additional information block
  • Origins
  • Destinations
  • Commodities
  • Customer groups

You can select one or more entries on these blocks. If airports, commodity types or customers are not selected - parameter All will be applied.

  • To create the same surcharge, click the Clone button


Conditions for using Surcharges with Rate Sheets in AWB

To use Surcharges with Rate sheet in AWB, some fields in AWB and Surcharge template must be the same:

  • Office
  • Stock Company
  • Commodities
  • Dates 
  • Origin 
  • Destination 

Surcharge template:


In case the information is the same, you can find your surcharge in the AWB

How to use Rate Sheet with “Surcharges”

In the Rate Sheet you can find the Surcharges field.

In the Surcharges field select any type from the dropdown list and add it.

To apply Surcharges with Rate Sheet to AWB (revenue and expenses tabs) use any of the following buttons:

  • The Rates button at the Revenue and Expenses tab
  • The Rates Auto button at the Revenue and Expenses tab

The System will automatically create few lines — one for the Rate Sheet, another — for Surcharges.

Example: while using the Rate Sheet, the System found the suitable Surcharge and added the additional entry line for it:

  1. Entry from Surcharges template data
  2. Entry from Rate Sheet data

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