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Cargo Restrictions Settings

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AWERY system allows you to add restrictions on cargo transportation.

You will be able to track the validity period of such restrictions, commodity type, contractors, etc.

When you will try to assign cargo for a flight, the system checks for restrictions on this route, on the date, and for the cargo type. In case the system finds restrictions, you cannot put goods on this flight 

The Cargo Restrictions Settings page allows for more efficient management of cargo transportation.

The main functionality on the page

  1. Search - allows you to find items among the previously filtered list
  2. Filters area - allows filtering items by the following parameters: date, route, office, customer
  3. The list of existing items - the list is empty by default. To view the existing restrictions, please select at least one parameter
  4. The Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries


  • To add a new item, please press the +NEW button in the Editor, and fill in the form:

Description - is an obligatory area

Office - select required office in the drop-down

Customer Type - “Customer” is the default type, but you can select other Contractor Type

Customer - you have an opportunity to select a contractor in the drop-down depending on the Customer Type

Validity From - Validity To - the obligatory data. Select the period in the date-picker

Comm.type/ Comm. description - select the required options in the drop-down

  • After filling in the information, please click the Save button
  • To edit the Cargo restriction data, please do the following steps:

a. Use at least one parameter in the filters area and click the Search/Refresh button

In case the list is gross you can use the Search field or look for the required item by scrolling through the list

b.Then select the entry, and the information will be displayed in the Editor. After editing, please click the Save button. The data will be updated automatically

  • To delete the entry, please do the same steps as for edit. When data will appear in the Editor, you will see the Delete button

How you can use Cargo Restrictions Settings in the system:

  • The system checks the restrictions before planning AWB for the flight. If they are found, the system not allow assigning airway bill for the flight


  • There are no permissions on the page

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