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Cargo Rate Sheets

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Allows to create and edit the cargo rate for options

List description

  • ID - id number of rate
  • Name - name of rate
  • Number - number of rate
  • Company - name of office
  • Supplier - name of operator
  • From date - date from of existence rate
  • To date - date to of existence rate
  • Currency - currency name of rate
  • Type - type name of rate
  • Notes - notes of rate


How to create Cargo Rate 

Press on the New button on the left side of the window.

Filtering and Sorting

To filter the list of rates press on the Filter button.

You can filter the list by "Deleted" and "Valid only" check-boxes

Freight collect and No Freight collect buttons

Also you can sort the list of rates by:

  • Stock Company
  • From/To date 
  • Commodity
  • From/To airport 
  • Customer 
  • Office
  • Supplier

  • Period of time
  • Buy, Sell and Both types


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