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Cargo Dangerous Goods Types Codes

Home page→ System Settings→ Cargo→ Cargo Dangerous Goods Types Codes


Air transportation of goods requires careful preliminary preparation: registration of a dangerous goods declaration, packaging, marking of the transported goods, coordination of all details with the airlines

AWERY system allows you to customize the list of codes and descriptions for dangerous goods and use this data to specify cargo type in the airway bill (AWB) or for creating Cargo Rate Sheets

You have an opportunity to view the list of already created entries, add new items, and delete the outdated items

The main functionality on the page:

1.The Search field allows you filtering items by the following parameters: code, name, description, comments

2. The list of the previously created items contains the next columns:

  • CODE - code of dangerous good
  • Name - name on dangerous good
  • Description - dangerous goods description
  • Comments - additional information

3. The Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries


  • To add a new dangerous type code, please click the +New button in the Editor. And fill in the required data.

Name and CODE are obligatory fields. 

NB: max number of characters for CODE is 5

Description and Comments are optional fields

  • After filling in the information, please click the Save button
  • After a new type code creating the Drag&Drop Attachments tool will appear and  you can upload the file

  • In case you need to update some data, please select the required entry on the list, the information will be displayed in the Editor. After making changes, please click the Save button
  • To delete, select the required item on the list, and the Delete button will appear in the Editor, please click it

  • The interface allows you to view the already deleted items. To view the list, please tick the check-box “Deleted”

Where you can use Cargo Dangerous Goods Types Code:

  • Home Page→ Shipments Database→ open any AWB→ Pieces Details tab

You can specify type code for every piece

  • Also on some interfaces, you can filtering items by the “dangerous” parameter. For example Shipments Database List

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