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Capabilities Priorities

Home page→ System settings→ Flight module→ Capabilities Priorities


This interface is used to set up a priority list for creating and editing supplier`s Capabilities.

Suppliers will be displayed in ascending order of priority when choosing a service supplier

Also, you have an opportunity to edit and delete existing items

Main functionality on the page

  1. Search - allows you to find items via Priority parameter
  2. The list of existing items contains a single column "Priority"
  3. Editor- the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries


  • To create a new item, click the +New button in the Editor. Fill in the mandatory field Name, and click the Save button. A new item will appear in the list and will be available in the system

  • To edit an existing item, please select the required entry from the list. Change the data and click Save
  • To delete an existing item, select the entry on the list. The editor will be updated according to the selection, and the Delete button will appear, click it

Using Capability priorities in the system:

  • Priorities are used for Capability creation. The priority field is mandatory
  •  When you select the Supplier for services they are sorted in ascending order of priority.


  • There are no permissions on the Capabilities Priorities page

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