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This interface allows you to look through the information about the capabilities. With the help of filters, it is possible to find the necessary entry quicker or to select those entries that meet your requirements. The report helps to export the information in a more convenient view, all columns will be shown in it. In the interior interface, you can specify more details about the capability: the main information and the additional data (countries, airports, agent types, flight category, purposes, service types, equipment).

List description:

  • Vendor – the name of the contractor
  • Into vendor – the name of the contractor
  • Prior – the priority of the capability
  • Service types – the list of selected service types (the column will be empty in case of all selected service types)
  • Countries – the list of selected countries (the column will be empty in case of all selected countries)
  • Airports – the list of selected airports (the column will be empty in case of all selected airports)
  • Categories – the list of selected flight categories (the column will be empty in case of all selected categories)
  • Purposes – the list of selected flight purposes (the column will be empty in case of all selected purposes)
  • Agent types – the list of selected agent types (the column will be empty in case of all selected types)
  • Equipment – the list of selected service equipment (the column will be empty in case of all selected equipment)
  • Notes – the space for additional information
  • Internal notes – the space for internal information
  • Credit D – the vendor’s payback period
  • Payment Method – the vendor’s payment type


  • Select the necessary entry in the Vendor / Into Vendor / Country / Airport / Service type / Priority selector to see the information in this interface

Sorting and filtering

  • Click the Filters button and select the necessary field to make the filtration

You have an opportunity to make the filtration by: Agent Types, Flight Category, Purpose, Equipment, Vendor, Into Vendor, Country, Airport, Service type and Priority selectors


The interior interface

Select any capability using the double click

The elements of the interior interface

  • Main information block

Pay attention that the Priority and Vendor fields are required

  • The Vendor type, Vendor, Into Vendor, Priority selectors
  • The Generate Application checkbox
  • The Request from, Disbursement Fees, Supervisor Fees, Cancellation Fees, Pricing comments, Surcharges, Notes and Internal Notes input fields
How to use the Generate Application checkbox
  • Tick the Generate Application checkbox

  • Go to the flight and create the necessary service
  • Select the supplier as in the capabilities interface
  • The Service Confirmation button will be shown on the service tab

Additional block

The All tab

The main information is shown on this tab according to the entries that were selected on the other 3 tabs

The Countries/Airports tab

  • All countries are selected by default. In case you need a certain country, select it in the Country selector
  • In the middle table you can select the necessary airport, according to the country
  • In the right table you can find the list of all airports. All airports are selected by default

The Agent types/Flight category/Purposes tab

All Agent types / Flight categories / Purposes are selected by default.

The Service types/Equipment

All Service types / Service equipment are selected by default

How to create the same capability
  • Click the Clone button to create the same capability. Pay attention that the information on the tabs will be copied too.

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