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Booking Types

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Since the Booking can be with different types, for example, POS, Branch, Order, Promotion, etc., the editor of the Booking Types is used for their addition and editing.

Also allows you to do different actions with types using check-boxes, which will be useful when you will be creating a Booking.

List description:

  • Type name - Name of the booking type
  • Type code - Type code name
  • Default - Shows which type is default
  • Pre-selected - Shows which types are ticked as 'pre-selected'
  • Exclude from sales - Shows which types are ticked as 'excluded from sale'
  • Create unposted invoice - Shows which types are ticked as 'create unposted invoice'


1.How to add a new Booking type

  • Completing the form to create a Booking Type, if you opened the list 'Booking Types' for the first time.

Or press on the ‘+’ button, if you started switching between records. Then the form to create Booking Type will be empty

Type Name field is necessary to create a Booking type.

Using Tax and Discount Tax selectors you can select tax and discount tax of type (Taxes Options Setup)

Cancellation kind and Discount/Credit note selectors  ( the Kinds of transactions list should be previously created Kinds of Transactions)

Job Type (Entry Types) and Job Subtype (Entry Subtypes )selectors

  • Press on the Save button to save your entry after completing the form  

2. Why the 'Default', 'Pre-selected', 'Exclude from sales', 'Create unposted invoice', 'Inactive' check-boxes 

Choose one of the four check-boxes you needed under the form.

You will see the tick in the list after selecting any check-box. 

If these check-boxes is active then: 

  • Default - the type will be selected by default when creating a New Booking in the booking type field.
  • Pre-selected - the types will be selected in the Booking types selector in the filters of the Customer Booking list.
  • Exclude from sales - orders will not be summarized from the Booking.
  • Create unposted invoice - the invoice will be created and not posted in any case.
  • Inactive - when creating New “Customer Bookings” the “Booking types” which you set as an Inactive will not appear in dropdown list.

3.How to create booking type kinds

Booking type kinds this is a list of products and their categories that are available for this type of order.

  • Click on an entry in the list and press on the Show booking type kinds button to open the list of categories and form to create a new type kind.

  • Select the entry from Category and Kind selectors, then press on the Save booking type kinds button to create type kind of booking.
    Category field this is the list of the product categories (Products settings)

The Kind field is the list of the kinds of the category (Kinds of Transactions)

4.How to delete Booking type

  • Select the entry which you want to delete and click the Delete button.

Where you can use it

  • First of all, the Booking types you can use for filtering the Customer Booking list.

  • Second, you can use it when creating a New Booking.
    The type, which you selected as default, will be displayed in the Booking type field or you can choose one of the presented types in the Booking type selector.

  • Also, you can use it for filtering Daily Sales and Inventory Report lists.


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