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Bank to bank payment

Bank payment/receipt voucher

First Bank payment voucher should be created (follow the job creation manual)

The interface of job adding will be opened. The interface is generic for all type of jobs. 


First choose the type pf entry Bank payment voucher.


Company will be taken by default from your user 
  , bank will be taken from the default company banks


Then choose Station 
and Department 


Then choose Contragent to select to which bank money will be transferred  


Date of Entry will be by default of today, Due date should be inserted to track due payments after 


To simplify the works, there are some presets in the system for specific transactions. By choosing them system automatically picks up Dr/ Cr Accounts 


For Bank to Bank transfer choose  

The banks, chosen above will be chosen now by debit and credit side 


Then insert the amount of transaction 


Debit and credit sides currencies will be taken according to the banks 


Add the description of the job to be shown on the print out 


After the information is added and rechecked, press 

To disable editing of this entry and to get it reflected in Statements and reports, Post it 


You can print it 


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