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Bank payment/receipt voucher

Bank payment/receipt voucher

First Bank payment/receipt voucher should be created (job creation manual)

Can be done as from Jobs list or from Bank Vouchers list


The data on Station/Department, Supplier/Customer and Qty/Price, Kind of transaction (DR/CR accounts) and Currencies should be entered 


For Payment/Receipt vouchers the allocation procedure is the same

You need to choose Invoices/Payables tab 


To connect the invoice, you press 

You will see the list of Invoices (Bank receipt)/Purchase invoices (Bank payment) pending to be paid


You can enter the sum you want to cover within this Invoice/Purchase invoice 

Or press F to fill full amount  


After all if filled 
, press 

After Refresh, you will see if there any invoices paid with this Bank Receipt/Payment voucher


System will calculate and show the allocated amount and of sum left for allocation 

If the Invoice is fully paid, it will be marked in color in the list 



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