Services basic management

To manage services in flight, switch to Route tab 

If there already some services created, they will be listed below.

To create new service, press New Service 

Fields may vary depending on service type and global settings for each customer 

Service type 

 - Service number is generated automatically according to Customers’ requests 

Reference number is the number received from Supplier 

If the same service is required for several waypoints, you can clone it. Choose waypoint from the list and press clone 

 If one service corresponds to several waypoints, but needs to be with the same number, you can link it. Choose

waypoint and press Add 

Service status. Will be changed automatically due to changes of time, Reference number, Revisions. 

Schedule status of service 

Press to acknowledge the service

To choose if the service is required by arrival/departure/both

To choose who is responsible for organizing service 

Insert the service validity 

- applicable for services with quantity. Might be digits or letters 

-  Entry – Exit points. *applicable for overfly permissions, Landing, Navigation etc 

Choosing way of payment for service 

Service priority 

Supplier of service 

Contact of supplier 

The actual service provider 

Client, who requires the service 

If the tick is active, service do not require Supplier 

Comments done by service agents 

Comments done by Customer 

Alerts for  Country/Airport 

Notes for service 

- *applicable for Fuel services. Fuel rates to be chosen and applied 

List of available Fuel rates 

Services Creator/Editor 

Sending emails from system using customized


 - *applicable for some services. Adding aircraft documents to the email 

- Showing sent & received text 

After the data is filled in, press 

The list of services for this waypoint will be on the right side 

The list of all services for flight will be on the tab Services Summary