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My Customers page displays the list of Customers filtered by the "Broker"

"My Customers" list is accessible when Broker in Customer settings matches with the Linked Entity in your User Settings 

List description

  • Company - name of customer
  • Company Reg. Name - full name of customer
  • Status - status of customer
  • Compliance - compliance of customer
  • S.P. - Name of Sales person (Broker)
  • Credit, D - credit days 
  • Credit, A - credit amount
  • Cur - currency name of customer
  • Office - Office name of customer
  • Country - country name of customer
  • City - city name of customer
  • E-mail - email address of customer
  • Phone - phone number of customer
  • Industry - type of industry of customer
  • Prospect - prospect of customer


  • How to create a Customer

Press on  button on the left side of the screen then complete the form

  • Filtering 

To filter the list of customers press on the Filter button

You can filter the customer list by:

  • Customer Code
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Country
  • State
  • Greetings
  • Types
  • Services
  • Categories
  • Alphabet
  • New on top 
  • Deleted 


 You can sort the customer list by:

  • Company name, City or Category
  • ID
  • Office
  • Broker - is selected by default
  • Status


  • Search/Refresh 

Using this button you can search data or refresh the list of customers.

  • Clear Filters 

Using this button you can clear all filters which were added on the page.

  • Groups 

Using this button you can open the Customer Groups page

  • Import 

This option allows importing Customers to your Awery system. To learn more. follow the link Customers import


The system allows export reports in xls format


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