Quick Charter Enquiry Flow

Initial Requirements

To be able to generate the quote to the client make sure the required data is set:

  • Operators
  • Aircrafts
  • Broker Details/Contacts

User Setup:

  • Select the Default currency in your user settings - it will be auto filled in pricing.
  • Make sure you use local or UTC timings based on User settings (click on your login):

In enquiries the local time displayed in BLUE and UTC in BLACK

Local times:

UTC times:


  • Create new Enquiry form menu or from Enquiries list

  • Set the Required fields (some can be optional or removed by permissions):

    Edit Lists

    To Edit the Pick List setup for Charter Type, Source, Source Description - you can do in Menu → Settings → Pick Lists Setup

    To Edit Broker List - Menu → HR → Employee Base and Make sure you select in Employee Type → Broker:

  • Enter the Initial Routing Details (Multiple routing options are possible once the Enquiry is Saved at 1st time):

Some Sectort can be marked