Options adding

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Options adding feature gives an opportunity to create and offer to the client several different Options of the flight: on different AC, by different routes within the same Enquiry.

  1. To create alternative routes in the same Enquiry click "+ Option" button

       2.  Build the alternative route copying the existing route (select the needed Route from the list and press “Copy” button)

       3.  Update alternative route information (Airport(s), Arrival/Departure date(s) and time, number of passenger, add sectors, etc.)

       4.  Click "Save" button to save the alternative route

       5.  Option features: 

              a.  To access the route information press on the relevant route tab

              b.  Each route has own name (that will be indicated on the Quote)

              c.  You can activate/inactivate route by changing the current status option (inactive routes will be hidden on further steps of the process)

              d.  You can change the order of routes: select the Route, change order number and click “Save Order” 

              e.  Click  to delete selected option