ULD Pallete



 - Refresh pallete list
 - Create new pallete
Available search by:
 - Pallete no
 - Company
 - Origin and Destination airport
 - Action date (from date and to date)
 - Label pallete on last action
 - Create new action for pallete
 - Print pallete list
 - Pagination istruments, per page, page, current page

To create new pallete click to "New" button at top left corner. After this will be opened new window "New pallete"

 - Create new pallete
 - Add pallete
 - Pallete identifer number
 - Types of pallete, available 7 types:
Name        Volume                         Tare weight
PAG          10cu.m./353 cu.ft          125x88 inch, lowerdeck pallet
PGA          33.2 cu.m/1174 cu.ft.     PGA/20-fot maindeck pallet
PLB          6.9 cu.m./242 cu.ft.        125x60.4 inch, lowerdeck pallet
PMC         18.9 cu.m./652 cu.ft       125x96 inch, maindeck pallet
PNA         6.2 cu.m./378 cu.ft.         96x61.5 inch, lowerdeck pallet
PRA         27.2 cu.m./961 cu.ft.        16 foot, maindeck pallet
XST         10 cu.m. / 353 cu.ft.        125x96 inch stabillizer rack
 - The company which will create pallete
 - Barcode of new pallete
 - Your notes about pallete
Create new pallete:

Fill "Pallete id" field

Select one of types pallete at field "Type"

Select one of companies at field "Company"

Write barcode of new pallete

And write some notes about pallete

Check input info, and if information correct press "Add" at the top left corner

After this operation you will return to "Pallets" tab, to view new pallete click to "Refresh" button
And you will see new pallete in the list

Set pallete action:

After click "Set pallete action" button will be opened this window:

 - Add action to select pallets
 - Create new action
 - Type of action
 - Origin and destinatio airport
 - Action time
 - Aircraft type
 - Aircraft registration number
 - Flight number
 - Open flight list
 - Tools of pallets search
 - Pallets list, at left table not selected pallets, at right table selected pallets
To set pallete action click at "Set pallete Action" button, after this opened "Add Action to Pallete" window.
In this window select action (IN or OUT), write Origin, Destination, Action time, AC Type, AC Reg. No, Flight No., or select one of existing flight (click "OpenFlightList" and select one of flight double click left mouse button), after this all fields will be filled automatically (information from flight)

After, select one of pallets (1), and move to action list (2), and press "Add" button at top left corner "Add Action to Pallets" window.

Pallets has been created and action has been added