Awery ERP Development Road Map

System Features

FeatureModuleDetailsEstimated/Actual completionStatus
New Field HistorySystemField history based on new advanced audit log and search indexJan 201985%
New Systemwide searchSystemNew systemwide search based on new advanced search indexJan 201985%
Mail tool refactoring stage 1Mail toolRefactor the storage and search in mailJan 201970%
New System Audit LogSystemObject audit log with full details on changes and previous values setJan - Feb 201825%

Interface Refactoring/Speed up

FeatureModuleDetailsEstimated completionStatus
Accounting Entries/JobsAccountingField history based on new advanced audit log and search indexDec 201895%
Flight LogFlights ManagementNew interface for flight logDec 2018Done
CalculationsCharter CalculationRefactoring the charter calculation interface for speed upJan 201950%
Timings TabFlights ManagementRefactoring the flight timing tab interface for speed upJan 201910%

New Features

FeatureModuleDetailsEstimated completionStatus
Crew FDTLFlights ManagementNew Universal Crew Flight and Duty limits controlMAR 201950%

Flex (Flash) Framework Migration

As flash is being discontinued by early 2021 Awery team is actively refactoring the system interfaces to Angular (HTML) framework.

Before the full transition to HTML system will work in combined environment of HTML and FLEX. 

Link for detailed timeline and modules status: Flash to HTML5 (Angular) migration timeline