Creating a new document:

Go to “Documents Library” and click on the button 'Create' at top of the window; 

After this, you will see the form to insert data about the document.

1st step information about the document:

Title: Set the title of the document;

Description: Set the Description of the document;

Notes: Write notes about the document;

Number: Set number of the document;

Type: Select the type of document;

Author: Select user who created this document;

Developer Department: Select developer department;

Status: Select the status document;

Auto active status: If you select “YES” Status of the document automatically changed to “Active” when all auditors approved document;

When you fill all fields, click to “Next step”

2nd step: Information about revision

Revision #: Write there the number of current revision;

Revision notes: Write notes or remarks about revision;

Date: Date of creation ;
Read up: Date of reading up revision, the deadline of document revision by connected users;

Review date: Date of review current revision (same as the document expiration date);

Notification date: Date when connected users will receive notification about the need to review a document;

Distribution: A form of document distribution;

Location: If document distribution is not “digitally” you may select the location where this document can be found;

Need action:

          Open: User needs to open the document;

          Download: User needs to download file of the document;

          Accept/receive: User needs to accept the document;

After fill, all fields click “Next step”

3rd step: Files

On this step you can upload document files;

To upload file click “Upload files”, select file from your computer and confirm it;

Uploading will start automatically, uploaded files will be shown in the table. 

Require: if file not needed in document un-tick it;

Filename: in this field, you can change the filename (extension you can’t change);

Type: in this column, you can see the type of document;

Size: This column shows the size of the current file;

4 step. Assigning users


1.    Departments & Positions: In this area, you can tick which department or position assigned to this document;

2.   Tick to assign users and type of distribution for a particular user, if it differs from the type chosen on Revision step;

3.    Tick to assign auditors among library users;

If you select all needed users/departments/positions click “Next”

At this screen you can see all data, you can check it if everything is correct click “Create”

Congratulations, you created a document!

You can also edit the document, archive it, clone and add revision on the document page any time.