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AWB Stock. List

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The current interface allows you to view and edit the previously created AWB stocks,  create new stock numbers for every stock company

The main page is divided into two parts:

  1. Right side - The Stock company list with general information 
  2. Left side - The table with detailed information for the selected stock company 

NB: To view the data, the stock company should be selected


  • To create new stock, click the button and complete fields in the sidebar (please note, permission createNewAWBNos should be true):

Stock company- select from the drop-down previously created item

CODE - will be completed automatically from the stock company

“Use IATA check digits” checkbox - is ticked by default and in the next field number “7” is selected. It means that the Air Waybill comprises a seven-digit serial number according to the IATA requirements

In case you need to add an eight-digit or ten-digit serial number untick the “Use IATA check digits” check-box ( NB: option is available by permission AWB10digits )

Set Number Interval. From - enter the first seven-digit number

Quantity - enter the required quantity

End number - the value will be calculated automatically as From number + Quantity

Teams - select a team and the list of AWB numbers will be available only for a specific group of users

  • Click the Save button
  • To edit the stock, please select the required by double click. The edit tab will be opened in the next line
  • To delete stock, firstly select a stock company and choose the required stock - the Delete button will become active

  • Pay attention to the alert:

Other options

  • You can move quickly to the Stock Companies settings by clicking the Settings button
  • You can view the whole list of stocks by clicking the Open stock button
  • Recalc Stock button - helps to recalculate quantity of Used and Available stocksButton is available by permission showRecalcStock

Filtering and Sorting

  • You have an opportunity to filter stock companies by Office, Stock Company, Agent/Customer (depending on Commission type button position)

  • To filter the AWB Stock List, select the stock company previously. The stock list will be displayed on the right part of the screen. Available parameters for the search are Code, AWB No, From/To date pickers, and you can open a list of stocks numbers for the selected customer or agent, you need to select a contractor in Agent selector and click on the Open Stock button or switch to a customer (use Range selector) and open customer stock


  • To print the reports, please select the required stock company and move to the Report button, specify the From-To date. Stock Report available in XLS and PDF formats

Stock NO Editor

You have the possibility to manage stock numbers for every stock company. 

Select Stock No by double click - tab with stock No details will be opened in the next line

  • You can view actual information about Available/ Not assigned/ Void/ Used Stock No

  • Using the appropriate buttons you can assign stock No to Customer/ to Office/ to Team. Please, pay attention to the tooltips

The list of customers will be filtered by a company in the sidebar of assigning Customers to stock in case stock already has an assigned company.

  • To deassign stock No from Customer/ Office/ Team use the next set of buttons and submit the action in the dialog box

  • It is available to change stock No statuses. Focus on the row and use buttons at the end 

Pay attention: you can change the status of available stock to ‘Void’ and ‘Used’, you can change the status of a void stock to ‘Available’ and ‘Used', and you can not change the stock in 'Used' status.

If you want to change the status of stock to Used you will see the AWB creation sidebar by clicking on the ‘Used’ button at the end of a row.  

NB: Company, Customer, Origin and Dest are mandatory fields.

The ‘Company’ field fills in the user company by default.

If the user has a team the ‘Team’ field fills in the user team by default.

Origin and Dest fill in from the selected team (in case data for the selected team setup), but you can enter it manually.

Warehouse: in case the selected origin airport matches with any warehouse airport, the 'Warehouse' field fills by this station. 

Also, you can clarify a delivery point, bulk pieces, gross weight and chargeable weight.

For the creation of a new AWB you can click on the ‘Save’ button and stock status will change to 'used'.

  • Also, you have an opportunity to send a mail E-mail with information by the selected stock numbers by the “E-Mail” button at the left toolbar

Filters and Sorting

Flexible filters allow you to search for items in a convenient way. You can use filters separately or combine them with each other. Available parameters are AWB No, Customer, Remark, Office


At the top of the list you can see ‘Sel.’, ‘Qty’ fields and the ‘Select’ button 

The ‘Sel.’ field fills by default from the first stock number in the list, but you can enter another stock number. 

In case you need to select a big quantity of stock numbers you can enter the needed value to the ‘Qty’ field and click the ‘Select’ button - needed stock numbers will be ticketed in the list starting from the specified stock number.


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