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AWB Database

To access AWB database, select AWB/HAWB Database from the main menu.

NB Due to high level of system customization, some of described functions may work differently. If any of options below are not available under your user or work not the way it is described, please kindly contact your company manager or


AWB list view. 

The list consists of all AWB’s ever created and not deleted in system.

According to Customer’s system settings, might be filtered by user companies and/or teams. More details on User settings.


Filtering options are available from AWB list:

FilterIcon / Location
  • By AWB Number. Insert any part of AWB number to search.  

  • Quick search within results shown on page. Search starts automatically after inserting the data into the field. 

  • By statuses. Select several statuses and press search or press on status to see AWB’s in this status only.

  • By Customer. Insert Customer name to search.

  • By origin and/or destination. Search within airports database can be done by ICAO/IATA codes, city, country or airport name. Origin and/or destination should be selected in AWB.

  • By dates. User can filter AWB’s list also by dates range. For this select the date type to be applied, date range (dates also can be auto filled from the drop down after dates selection) and press search.

Departure - the date of AWB departure will be used

Pick up - the date of AWB pick up

Create - the date of AWB creation in system

Arrival - the date of AWB arrival will be used

Scan - the date of scanning of AWB will be used

Booking - the date of AWB booking will be used

For more details on AWB fields auto filling and usage, please visit AWB creation manual page.

  • By teams. If your company is using teams assignment, this filter will be available. It will consist of teams available for your user.

  • By warehouse. Only AWB’s accepted to warehouse (selected or any) will be shown 

Extended filtering is available by Extended search button. 

Additional fields from AWB are used for this filtering.


To extract information from the list, copying option or reports printing can be used.

For copying you can select which fields you want to copy.

Additional features of AWB list.


create new AWB

delete selected AWB

Plan selected AWB on flight

Unload selected AWB from flights

Create tracking message for selected AWB  

1 - 2 - 3 left to right:

Invoices creation from AWB’s selected from the list. NB Confirm pricing should be done before performing this action.

Basic Invoice creation pop-up will appear.


automatic creation of 1 Invoice for selected AWB’s. Customer should be the same.


automatic creation of separate invoices for selected AWB’s. Customers can be different.


automatic creation of separate invoices grouped by Customers. 1 Invoice per Customer. Customers can be different.

Mark Cass exported / Mark Cass unexported. Screen tips are available on pointing.

Assigning of Master AWB and IN AWB No’s to selected AWB’s

Managing of revenue/expenses items.

Button helps to make bulk changes for selected AWB’s:

  • Status
  • Team
  • Office
  • Airline stock
  • Revenue/Expenses rates application

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