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Audit Info

First you need to add background information for Audits in your company 

For this you need to choose Audit Info in Compliance Module

First Audit Categories. Each Audit will have a Category assigned while creation. So first press
 in first column Audit Categories

Then insert Category name in the field

And press

After all is done, you will have the list of Audit Categories in the first Column

Next better to do Audit Types. The procedure is the same. Press
 , insert data in field, press

Next add Audit Qualifications

Audit qualification is a knowlegde level required to be an Auditor for each separate Audit. Each Employee, who deals with Audits and can be assigned as Auditor should have it marked on his personal page in System. The procedure is the same. Press  
, insert data in field, press

To manage Audit Qualifications for each Employee, you need to choose Employee in Employee base (HR module) 

Then open Employee and choose Audit Qualifications Tab 

Choose Qualification from the list and press 

After the supporting information is added, you may create the list of Audit Indexes that will be used to create an Audit 

In this tab you can add the list of Audits you have in your company

To add new, press 

Then insert the data for an audit: Name, Code, Duration, Repeat time and choose Type and Category and Required Audit Qualification 

Creating new audit

First go Home Page -> Compliance –> Audits 

Press New 

You will be redirected to New Audit page 

Fill in the necessary data

Choose the status 

Choose the audit type

Assign the responsible person. Employees will be filtered by Audit Qualifications, necessary for this Audit (see Audit Info)

Choose the Office 

Choose the contragent fot this audit

Fill the planned dates for an audit

Choose when it actually started 

In case it was closed. Insert the data of when and by whom it was closed



 Insert the objective for an audit 

And Scope to be done 

After audit is created, you need to add Findings

New Finding

To add a new Finding, choose Tab Findings inside an Audit

To add new, press 

The New Finding pop-up will be opened

Choose the Auditor 

Choose the level. Will show the urgency of Finding. Descending level – ascending urgency. 1 – the most urgent


Insert the Finding & Due date and time 

 Choose the Finding Category

Choose the auditee

In case of extension of Due date, tick the tick-box  and insert the Extended Due Date 

Then choose the DQS 

Insert all necessary data about Finding

In case if Corrective action was accepted, choose by whom 

In case of Risc mitigation, tick the tick-box

Choose the responsible person for it and the end date 


When the Finding is closed, insert the date and by whom

You may attach files to Finding. For this first press Browse file (1), then Upload file (2) 

The file will be in list


To manage internal information for Audits, choose Audit Info in Compliance Module 

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