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Airlines Stock Setup

Select AWB Stock menu item in Cargo module.

The list of Airline stock companies and their AWB stocks will be opened.

NB In Edit Stock company drop down list all created Airline stock companies are available. Stock company section shows only Airline stock companies with AWB stock created in system.

Stock company settings

This section is dedicated for Stock company creation and editing.

- will open selected Stock company

- will open empty form to fill for Stock company creation

- after customer selection will open customer’s stock

New Stock company creation

Fill in the information for new Stock company


Stock company name

Stock company contact details

Insert agent name

Insert agent IATA code

Insert agent Account No

Insert agent address

Select the country of Stock company from the list

Select the department of your company. To be used for invoicing

Insert company code to be used for stock creation

Insert company prefix to be auto picked up while creation of AWB’s out of stock

Select Office of your company which works with this Stock company. In AWB interface Stock companies can be additionally filtered by this parameter.

Automatic CASS tick to be applied in the AWB if created for this office.

Select the type of supplier and Supplier itself who supplies the stock

Insert suppliers address


After saving Commission settings will be available

By swiping select if the commission is used for revenue or expenses

Select the type of commission to be created in AWB. Types can be adjusted in Pick list setup.

Insert percent of commission to be applied.

Tick if commission should be created automatically.


to Save.


to Create new commission item.


in the end f the line to delete created item.

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