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Aircraft Manufacturer

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The Aircraft manufacturer page allows you to view the list of all aircraft types and country of manufacture.

Also, you have an opportunity to add new and edit existing types

Main functionality on the page


2.The table data contains the next columns:

  • Manufacturer- manufacturer name
  • Country- county of production

3.Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries 


  • To create a new entry, please click the New button in the editor. Fill in the next data:

Type - is a mandatory field

Country - is an optional, select option in the drop-down list which was previously imported to the system

  • After filling in the data, please click the Save button
  • In case you need to edit some Aircraft Manufacturer, please select it on the list. The data will appear in the editor, make changes and click the Save button

Please note: There is no opportunity to delete an existing Aircraft Manufacturer

Using of Aircraft Manufacturer list system:

  • This list is required for further system configuration. For example Aircraft Manufacturer data is necessary for Aircraft Series Types


  • There are no permissions on the page

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