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Aircraft Documents

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On the Aircraft Documents page, you can view general information about the aircraft documents. Their validity period, issued country, etc

List Description:

Doc. Type - Document type

Reg No - registration number of the aircraft

Type - type of the aircraft

No.- document number

Issued by - person or organization that issued the document

Issued country - country that issued the document

Issued - issued date

Expires - expiry date

Valid - actual documents are marked with a green tick

Left - left days for expiry date. The background is colored depending on the left days value:

Left days < 90 - light green

Left days < 60 - yellow

Left days < 30 - orange

Left days < 7 - red

Left days < 1 - magenta

F (files) - documents with attachments are marked with a paperclip icon

Sorting and Filtering

Awery system allows you search items using Documents types and Operators selector

Also, you can filter documents by "Self operated" and :Ready to fly" checkboxes


You have an opportunity to export Aircraft Documents data in PDF and XLS formats

Additional Options

  • - allows you to create a new aircraft

  • - using Type button you can add missing document types

  • By double clicking the entry you can view detailed information about the aircraft

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