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Aircraft Document Types

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Document Types interface allows you to view the whole list of items.

You can add new document type required for the aircraft or edit/ delete existing items

Page functionality description

1.Search allows you to find items by name, order, n.days

2.The table with already created items contains the columns below:

  • Name - document name
  • Order - priority of display in the list for further use in the system
  • N.Days -validity period (days)

3. Editor-  the set of buttons and fields. which helps you to add new items. edit and delete  existing entries


  • To add a new document type, please click the New button in the editor and fill in the information:

Name - required and should be input manually 

Prior, Exp. Days - you can enter integer values manually or use Count

Prior - prior of a document type

Exp. Days - Expire Days of a document 

  • To confirm creation, please click the Save button
  • To edit existing items. please select the required entry on the list. Make changes in the editor and click Save
  • To delete. select the necessary item on the list and the Delete button will be displayed in the Editor


  • There are no permissions on the page
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