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Activity Types

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This interface allows you to set up the Activity Types interface.

You are able to create/edit/delete activity types which then can be used in the Activities interface. So with the help of it, you can create activities according to your needs.

List description

  • ID - the unique number of activity type
  • Type – the name of activity type


  1. The Search is available by ID and Type fields
  2. The data table
  3. Editor – use fields and buttons to create/edit/delete activity types

Additional information

  • Steps to create a new activity type
    • Click the New button

    • Fill in the necessary fields
    • Click the Save button
  • Steps to edit the activity type
    • Select the necessary type
    • Make changes
    • Click the Save button
  • Steps to delete the activity type
    • Select the necessary type
    • Click the delete button

Where you can use the Activity Types

  • Go to the Activities interface 
  • Select the necessary entry
  • Go to the Activity tab
  • Select the necessary type in the Activity type selector to continue the creation

  • Also, you can filter entries by Activity Type

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