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Activity Categories

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The current interface allows to set up the Activity Categories which help to manage employee activities during the working process

You have opportunities to add, edit and delete items according to your needs

List Description:

  1. Search - allows you to filter entries by ID and Category name
  2. The data table
  3. Editor - set of fields and buttons which helps you add/edit/delete items


  • To create a new item, move to the Editor and click the New button

Fill in the Category Name - mandatory field

  • Click the Save button
  • In case you need to change any category, select it on the list, edit and click Save
  • To delete, select the required item on the list and the Delete button will appear, click it

Submit or cancel the action in the dialog box

Where you can use these settings?

  • Activity Categories are used for the Activities interface when you add  new one or edit activities

  • On the My Activities interface, you have an opportunity to filtering data by Activity Category


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